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Some of our events require that visitors purchase tickets in advance.  These can be purchased on-line through links on this website and will be indicated by a button within the article advertising the event.  There may also be links in any electronic advertising we produce, such as our newsletter.  Clicking on the button will take you our on-line shop and the section relevent to the tickets you wish to purchase.

Starting with the Cider and Ale Festival in September 2022 we will be using a service called TicketSource to produce eTickets which you can download and print, store on your mobile phone or have posted to you. Booking fees are applied by TicketSource and are beyond our control. From the 2023 Beer Festival we will also be selling eTickets from the site office once they go on sale. The information below only applies to tickets purchased via the our own online store (CubeCart).

We have taken this action in order to reduce our administrative, stationery and postage costs.

Where there are several events then there will be different ticket options.  It is recommended that you select your preferred ticket choice by clicking on the ticket image.  For reasons best known to the software developer the option to adjust the number and "add to basket" generates an error where there are other required options to select before the order can be selected.

With the required ticket selected please ensure that you provide any required information, such as Yes or No to the Gift Aid options, before adding to your basket.

Where there are multiple events, such as visiting Santa and having breakfast, add each selection to your basket before completing the purchase.  This will avoid adding postage to separate transactions.

The purchase is only completed when payment has been made.  We use PayPal as our payment gateway - you do not need to be a PayPal customer to make payment as they will accept most major credit/debit cards.  However, PayPal has a fairly tight fraud prevention regime in place and may not accept payments from devices that are not connected via a secure internet connection.  It is recommended that you use a device that is connected via WiFi (or a hard-wired LAN) rather than a mobile hotspot or the like as these public systems may not provide the required security. Further security information is available on the PayPal website.

There may be issues for users of Apple devices (iPad, iPhone etc.) using browsers other than Safari. It is unclear whether this is a PayPal or an Apple issue.

What we do with the data you supply can be found in our Privacy Policy but the bottom line is that we do not have access to your financial information.

Gift Aid

Donating through Gift Aid means charities can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It will not cost you any extra. Your donations will qualify as long as they’re not more than 4 times what you have paid in tax in that tax year (6 April to 5 April). The tax could have been paid on income or capital gains.

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