The Mill courtyard has been looking a little tired for quite a while, and there were one or two health and safety issues that really needed addressing.  At the end of June 2014 the first part of this particular project was begun by placing a short paved path leading away from the emergency exit door at the base of the stair tower. The ground outside of the exit was prone to waterlogging and could become quite slippery and muddy.

A natural progression was then to tidy up the grassy gravelled area between the emergency exit and the lower entrance doorway.  This area also needed a certain amount of levelling as it not only improved the way it looked but also provided a more stable platform for erecting the various marquees that we use for events.

This, in turn, led to the decision to replace the stone paving from the yard gates and the lower entrance doorway. The stone slabs, which often became dangerously slippery when wet or icy, were taken up and replaced by modern concrete slabs.

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